Everyday we college students go to class, take notes, study, sleep, eat, repeat. When I’m dragging my things from class to class, I’d like to do it in style. One of my favorite sites may have the promise to break up the routine, and possibly, brighten your dorm room. Etsy.com has a new take on items, selling vintage and handmade things. Etsy got started in 2005, by painter, carpenter, and photographer Rob Kalin who sought to create a site unlike the rest. He and the others responsible succeeded, and the shop owners went on to create these items for you.

Keep your laptop cozy with this unique laptop sleeve from Zero Gravity. Vintage will never die!


The laptop is any college student’s golden ticket to both success and procrastination. Dress it up with this Japanese style decal from seller Walking Dead Productions. Click on picture.



Tea is good for you, coffee can keep you alive for morning classes. Either way you roll, this mug from Circa Ceramics has you covered. You can choose from bubble gum pink and many other colors as well as designs. Click on picture.


Recycling and a way to bring life to your dorm room! Apparently the plant is easy to take care of, needing water and little light. According to seller eGardenStudio, ” No green thumb is required!” Click on picture.



A simple slogan, and a way to unite ’90s kids. Seller Pamela Fugate Designs created these book bags are sure to make the books that you carry in them proud. Click on picture.


More college finds can be found on this Treasury List.


Naomi Noelani Lugo is a student journalist at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. She writes as the broadcast news editor for the campus newspaper the Kaleo, and as the assistant editor for the publication, Seawords. To stay inspired, she  listens to NPR, discovers  independent media and obscure pop culture. Her blog is naomilugo.wordpress.com/ and she can be found on twitter @NaomiLugo.