I think rain is the most frustrating weather to dress for because your choices are very limited.  Since I go to school in Oregon I run into raindrops on the daily. I’ve learned that the three essential items you need for rainy days are rain boots, rain coats, and umbrellas. I’ve put together a list of my favorite picks of each which will not only help you stay dry in the rain but also make your outfit look cute and stylish!

Rain Boots:
There are a plethora of adorable rain boots available at all different prices. Target is a great place to go for both inexpensive and stylish options. They have many different patterns and colors to fit almost anyone’s personal style and most of the boots are under $40.  I personally love this fun owl pattern as well as this classy lace one!


If you want to splurge on a pair of rain boots I would recommend Hunter boots.  You can go for their classic Wellington boot or mix things up and get booties like the one below (on sale right now for $110)! You may not be able to splash around in knee-deep puddles but they’ll keep your toes dry and look trendy!  Or check out these fabulously girly RED Valentino boots.  The bow is adorable but not over the top ($195).

http://piperlime.gap.com/, http://www.shopbop.com/

Raincoats are another easy way to avoid getting wet as well as look cute while prancing around in the rain. There are many options and prices when it comes to raincoats.

This is the Mountain Hardware Epic Jacket.  I’ve owned two of these over the past five years and can vouch that they are awesome.  They are durable (one came with me on many intense camping trips!) and keep you dry.  Another perk is that they come in about fifteen colors. I’m currently obsessed with this deep fuchsia color called “Red Onion”.


This feminine jacket is from Target and is under $40! I think the flower print would be a cheerful contrast to the grey weather.  This is a great option if you’re looking for something especially cute and stylish.


The Umbrella:
Umbrellas are very effective at protecting you from the rain.  I would recommend purchasing one that comes in an interesting color or shape to contrast with the melancholy weather!


What’s great about the umbrella on the left is its shape.  Since the sides come down around you it means you won’t bump into other people (or their umbrellas) as you rush to class.  It’s also great that the material is clear so you will be able to easily see where you’re going.


The umbrella to the right is the umbrella I use at school.  I love the cloud print inside the umbrella!  I use this all the time and it makes me very happy to look up and see a nice sky.  I also get a lot of compliments on it because people don’t expect to see the clouds inside.  This one is $50 dollars and is very good quality but you can find other umbrellas that are in a similar style for cheaper prices online.

Mona Corboy is a sophomore at the University of Oregon.  Although she is currently undeclared, she is thinking about majoring in Journalism and double minoring in French and Creative Writing.  Mona grew up in Vermont and Chicago but currently lives in Portland, Oregon when she is not at college.  In her free time she enjoys writing nonfiction, speaking French, going on adventures and most recently she has developed a love for talking about her recent experience studying abroad in Ireland.  Mona will be writing posts about her time abroad and other subjects such as fashion and health.