SON_FrontRow (1)The pressure to start climbing the corporate ladder doesn’t wait until after graduation. Ambitious students like you are sacrificing their sleep, hobbies, social lives and sanity for valuable work experience. Balancing a full-time undergraduate course load with an awesome internship can seem impossible. However, Semester Online is here to help. It’s the first-of-its-kind program offering rigorous, for-credit courses from prestigious colleges and universities to top undergraduate students — online.

SON_Square_Annie_ImagineFinding Balance

Semester Online courses are a combination of self-paced coursework, that you complete on your own time, and live, face-to-face classes once a week with professors. This allows high-achieving undergrads to maintain that esteemed internship. Now you can spend more time clocked in at work, and less time spent freaking out about how you’ll make it back to campus in time for your next class.

Quality Education from Top Schools

Convenience shouldn’t come at the expense of quality, either. That’s why Semester Online features classes from highly respected, selective institutions. Boston College, Emory University, Northwestern University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Notre Dame and Washington University in St. Louis are all offering courses this fall. The courses are rigorous and stimulating, and they’re taught by the same faculty that teach on campus. Upon completion of a Semester Online course, you will be granted credit from the respective school, adding diversity and prestige to your transcript.

SON_Logo_SquareFace-to-face Networking with Professors and Peers

Semester Online course sections are capped at 20 students, meaning you’ll get plenty of interaction with your classmates and professors, allowing you to make new connections with other aspiring students from around the world.

Semester Online allows you to do it all. Go after the internship of your dreams without having to worry about graduating on time.