"We Pray for Japan" Prayer Bracelet

When disaster strikes the world, it is simply amazing to see the way different communities of people pull together to help out others. On March 11, 2011 Japan was hit by one of the largest earthquakes and a treacherous tsunami washed over the country soon thereafter. Just a week before I left for spring break, my geology teacher showed my college lecture hall a video on the last earthquake that destroyed Japan. After I heard what happened in Japan, I knew exactly what we would be discussing in my next geology class. However, not only did the lecture include a discussion on Japan’s latest earthquake, but the lecture hall of 600 college students also pulled together to raise five hundred dollars for Japan relief.  The typical cliché for college students is that they are all broke, but we proved the stereotype wrong just like many celebrities are currently doing when it comes to Japan. Just like college students, celebrities are judged and stereotyped. Most celebrities are thought as rich, self-centered human beings but some actually do use their power in the world for good.

Universal Music Group

Universal is home to many top spot recording artists and they are pulling together some artists to quickly put out a Japan Relief CD. Stars like Rihanna, Bono and Justin Bieber have agreed to be part. The CD will be in digital format only so that it can be released quickly and to the entire world.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has designed a special bracelet for Japan called the Japan Prayer Bracelet. It’s sold online for only $5. All of the proceeds from these bracelets will go to aid for Japan.


Popular 90’s group, Hanson, put together a benefit concert in Austin, TX for Japan that included a performance by themselves as well as other musicians they know. The show was seen on SXSW4Japan.org and streamed live for 12 hours. While at the sight, fans could donate to Red Cross.

Britney Spears

Spears appeared on Good Morning America on March 29th. While in San Francisco, she auctioned off two tickets for her GMA appearance. The winner paid $1,136 for the tickets and the money also went to Japan.

Justin Bieber

Shortly before the earthquake, Bieber chopped off his popular hair. All around the world girls are dying to get close to the hair from his head. His hair is currently on display at the local Lucky Strike Lane and Lounge. The facility is charging fans to take a picture with the locks from Bieber’s hair. All proceeds go to Japan.

Gwen Stefani

Stefani did not call on her fans to help raise money for Japan; she donated $1 million to Japan Relief.  She also designed a t-shirt that is being sold online for Japan and has organized an auction and fundraiser event to be held in Los Angeles.

Jenna Cusumano is an NSCS member at Illinois State University. She is a freshman majoring in Journalism with a minor in Cinema Studies. She is from Springfield, Illinois. You can follow Jenna on Twitter @Jcus2010.