Happy April, scholars!! It’s full-blown spring mode around NSCS (& this month marks the month we were founded 22 years ago!). If you’re a senior…you’re a senior! And about the GRADUATE-a big congrats from us & our founder, Steve! And if you’re still enjoying the years of collegiate excellence (or just a career scholar happy to see some great weather), we bring you your Friday Cheat Sheet:

No more Snoozefest
Okay, we mayy not have put this to practice yet, but we will. Someday.

A thesaurus for colors! V. cool. And responsible for our cover photo.

Table for 2!
How DOES one land a ticket to The White House corespondents dinner? Hint: not too easily.

Super Soakers: Brought to you by NASA
Because it’s spring which is basically summer (remember Super Soakers?!)

Ultimate Medical Internship
We have such a great opportunity for those of you interested in the medical field. Check out this video below & click here to apply.

There are so many fantastic scholarships open, head to nscs.org/scholarships & apply today.