Meet our Scholar of the Week, Brandt Coleman! Brandt is a junior at the University of Louisville where he is majoring in Marine Biology and Environmental Science. He is also served as VP, Community Service of U of L’s chapter during the 2014 – 2015 school year.

Brandt’s favorite NSCS experience was working with his fellow NSCS members on a community service project to build an educational walking trail near U of L’s campus. During the project, the chapter also helped clean up the area around the trail by cleaning debris from the watershed and banks of the creek nearby.

Brandt is currently studying abroad in Germany. “I will have the opportunity to study and work with German environmentalists and marine biologist while living in Germany and attending a German University for an entire year, giving me an international perspective of environmental problems and solutions,” he said. “I am extremely honored to represent NSCS and University of Louisville chapter during this year long program of study, internship, and cultural immersion in Germany.”

For his contributions to his campus community and NSCS, Brandt is our Scholar of the Week. Congratulations!