If you’re a college student, there’s a pretty good chance you spend a lot of time on social media sites. You spend time on Facebook liking pages and posting statuses, you tweet about your day and retweet things you are passionate about, and you actively utilize LinkedIn for networking purposes. If you’ve mastered all of the ins and outs of these websites, there is a good chance a company will want you as their campus ambassador!

Campus Ambassadors represent a particular brand or company on their college campus and on their personal social media sites. They also frequently have access to the social media sites of the company itself. One such position which was formed recently is NSCS’ Social Media Ambassador. The ambassador’s job is to like, comment on, share, +1 and reply to blog posts, Facebook posts, notes and pictures, YouTube videos and pages on the NSCS website—all activities that you probably participate in anyway! So, if there is a brand you are passionate about, check their website to see if they are searching for college representatives.

Last semester I became a campus ambassador for Intern Queen Inc. My role as an ambassador is to blog for InternQueen.com and promote Intern Queen Inc. on my social media sites. I have had such a great experience from getting to connect with other ambassadors across the country who are as passionate as I am about internships, to meeting the Intern Queen Lauren Berger the day of her interview on the Today Show at the beginning of January.

Different brands have other requirements. If you are a campus ambassador for a company that manufactures something, there is a great chance you will be given lots of free samples to try out and to share around school. Clothing brands such as Victoria Secret PINK, for example, send their ambassadors clothing to review and provide coupons and freebies for fun promotional events that the ambassadors get to plan and run.

There are unique campus ambassador positions for a wide variety of interests and levels of commitment, and all are great résumé boosters with the practical skills you will have to put to use, so be sure to apply this semester!

Amanda Gallucci is a junior at Providence College in Rhode Island, studying English and Business. She is actively involved in Dance Club, Social Justice Advocacy, Student Alumni Association and is a member of NSCS. She hopes to one day land a marketing position in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @agalluch.