Most students love it when they get to say, “It’s the last day of school! I have the whole summer free!” The feeling of having little responsibility and lots of freedom is energizing at first. By the end of the summer, however, students can end up feeling jaded, not because they have too much to do, but because they have too little to do. The truth is that while everybody needs a break, students are better off engaging in summertime activities that will keep them both mentally and physically active. Below are three summer activity ideas to keep you happy, healthy, and ahead of the game.


There are endless numbers of summer sports leagues for college-aged athletes that run during the summer. Keep your body active and stay social by enrolling yourself in a summer sports program. Not only will it help pass the dog days of summer, it will also improve your physical state and mental ability. If you don’t see the sport that you want to play offered locally, try to start a league of your own!

Summer Tutoring

Receiving summer tutoring is a great way to keep your mind in shape even when you have no classes yourself. The personal attention often helps you grasp concepts that would have frustrated you in a large classroom setting. It can be an unusual and even fun way to learn, and when Autumn comes around, you may realize that you are ahead of the game. If you like the experience enough, consider becoming a tutor yourself.

Personal Project

Summertime is the time when you finally have time for yourself without having to worry about homework or classes. What better time to work on a long-term project than summer? Projects could range anywhere from starting a business or reorganizing a bedroom to learning woodworking or painting. The possibilities are endless! In the end, you will have accomplished something great during the summer and will only want to press on to get that feeling of accomplishment again in the school year.

So, while summertime seems like a great time to kick back and do nothing, that gets a little old after a while. You need something upon which to focus your attention that will, in the long run, improve both your ability and your motivation, leaving you ready to start off the new year right.

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