Apply for internships

Scoring a summer internship means more than just another line on your resume; gaining professional experience in your desired industry will also help you to make valuable connections with experts in your field. A summer internship is the perfect way to apply the skills that you’ve learned in the classroom to real-world experience, while also making sure that a job in the field is right for you. Missed the summer application deadline? Apply for fall internships that offer credit and work with your class schedule or work study!

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Revise your resume

Have some free time on your hands? After a long spring semester, your resume probably needs to be updated. Not sure what to add? Leadership positions in student organizations and work study jobs are always great ways to show off your skills. Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn to reflect these changes as well!

NSCS Tip: For more resume and cover letter writing help, check out these tips from Time Magazine.

Apply for scholarships

Summertime might be your break from writing essays, but now is the perfect time to apply for scholarships! Personalize your responses and be sure to emphasize what makes YOU stand out. Need help? Check out NSCS’ application tips for scholarship essay writing!

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Blog it out

Build up your portfolio and hone your writing skills by starting a blog! Websites like,, and make creating a new blog easy, and most importantly, free.

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Find a part-time job

Need some extra cash? A part-time job is not only a great way to save money, but also a valuable opportunity for networking and resume-building. Talk to your colleagues about your career aspirations; you never know what kind of connections you’ll make.

NSCS Tip: Want to work from the comfort of your own home? There are plenty of quick cash opportunities for app-savvy college students! Walk a dog with Wag!, earn cash back with Ibotta, or take surveys with Swagbucks for a little extra cash flow.


Volunteering your time to help those in need is always a rewarding experience, but it can also mean gaining useful professional skills. Whether you give back to your local community or go global, your volunteer experience will help catch future employers’ eyes.

NSCS Tip: For volunteer opportunities in your local area, check out VolunteerMatch or Indeed!

Need More Help?

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Author: Rachel Ventresca, NSCS Marketing Intern