I don’t have to tell you that students are a different breed from the rest of society. We go to sleep at 3AM and wake up at 9AM (or 1PM if it’s a Saturday), eat whatever is at hand, and don’t drink enough of the right liquids. So, we have different needs and our cosmetic bag should reflect that. Here are 8 things all college students should have at hand.

1. Corrective concealer

One thing that comes with being a college student, and staying up late to study, are dark circles. Some dark circles are heredity and others are from sleep deprivation. Either way, a good way to counteract those dark circles is corrective concealers. These concealers have an orange, salmon, or yellow tint to them making them counteract the purple/blue tones under your eyes. Thus it works better than just a regular skin colored concealer. Bobbi Brown’s correctors and EvePearl are two known-to-work-well concealers.

2. Eye drops

I know that when I’m drinking a venti to pull an all-nighter for my paper/exam/project, I get red eyes. You don’t want to walk around looking like a zombie and so I would recommend having some eye drops stashed in your bag. They can make your eyes look instantly whiter, bright, and more awake. Some good brands are Rhoto V or Visine.

3. Chapstick

I don’t know about you, but my lips are always chapped. It’s important to keep them moisturized so that the deeper layers of the skin of your lips aren’t affected and become wrinkled earlier in life. It would be an added bonus to get a chapstick with SPF and flavor/color to them. The SPF can protect your lips and the color/flavor can tint your lips for a natural looking plump lip.

4. Luminizing moisturizer

A good way to spruce up your look and to awaken your dull tired skin is to add a luminzer. I would recommend MAC’s strobe cream. It’s a moisturizer that is packed full of antioxidants for your skin. It also can be used alone or with foundation to give your face that glowy look. You can also just dot it on the high points of your face (cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow, chin, and forehead) to highlight and have dewy skin. It’s especially important for dry or combination skin to moisturize everyday.

5. Blotting sheets

Personally, I have dry skin and don’t need these, but for someone with oily skin this could be a lifesaver. These can soak up the extra oil on your skin to give you a good canvas to reapply your powder without it sliding off.

6. Long lasting lip color

When I’m sitting in class the last thing I want to worry about it reapplying my lipstick. If you aren’t privy to tinted chapsticks you should try a long wearing lip color. MAC’s Pro Longwear Lustre LipColour stays put on your lips and has a reasonable price. You simply swipe the opaque gloss on your lips, let it dry, and apply the clear gloss over it. All you have to do for the rest of the day it reapply the clear lipgloss to freshen it up.

7. Waterproof mascara

Everyone has different lashes, but for me I find that regular mascaras can smudge and not hold a curl. Waterproof mascara will last longer and will hold up when you’re dashing through the rain to get to your next class. Good waterproof mascaras will not flake and can give you that falsies look. Mascara is a staple in any makeup bag because it is one of the only products that can instantly make a difference to your face.

8. Evian spray or makeup setting spray

Whether you’re in the library or in the club you want your make-up to stay put. A good make-up setting spray can keep your make-up lasting through a night out dancing or a night up hitting the books. It can also refresh your makeup for a quick pick me up after class, if you don’t have time to reapply before going out. Evian Spray will refresh your skin, while a make up setting spray can both refresh and hold your makeup. Urban Decay and Skindinavia both make good sprays. They are formulated according to your needs of oily or dry skin.

These college essentials are all about convenience, longevity, and making you look fresh & awake (even though you know you only get 5 hours sleep).  If some of the products I listed are too pricey for your college budget, you can always hunt around and choose which one suits you best for your needs!

Jacqueline Moran is a junior at Florida State University majoring in Advertising and minoring in International Affairs. She’s the PR officer for the Korean American Student Association at FSU and a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Jackie has a beauty and fashion blog and a YouTube Channel, and you can follow her on Twitter at @JacquelineJinse.