You pulled it off! You studied hard, stayed up all night, and worked with people who gave you early gray hairs. Now it is your day to shine. Have you thought about what you will be wearing as you proudly march onto the stage to accept your degree? We have a few tips to help you look your best while you celebrate:

  1. Go to your graduation! You worked so incredibly hard, dedicated a portion of your life, and
    sacrificed too much to skip out on this occasion. You know there are some people you started with who, for whatever reason, did not make it to this point. If you have not RSVP’d to attend, check with your school to see if you can still attend.DSC_1048
  2. Get your regalia. Check with your school to see where you should purchase or rent your cap and gown. Then, to top them off, the NSCS store has the perfect regalia to help you stand out from the crowd. We have two-colored honor cords, a gold satin honor stole, a prestigious medallion, and a two-colored tassel.
  3. Wear it with pride! Here’s the order we suggest you wear your regalia in.
    1. Gown
    2. Honor Stole
    3. Medallion
    4. Cords
    5. Cap – trust us, you will want to put this on absolutely last!
  4. Prep your robe and regalia ahead of time. Look professional and put together on your big day! Press your robe on a low heat setting. Be careful not to scorch it! Gently press your honor stole and hang it up with your gown. Keep all of your regalia on a hanger, along with your outfit, so that you are not stressed out on Graduation Day.
  5. Decorate your cap. Some schools encourage you to decorate your cap, while others highly discourage it. Check with your school first to see if you can! If you can, you can decorate your cap like a dream board, a story line of where you are going, or anything else you can dream up! If your school won’t allow a decorated cap, create a frameable work of art instead. Regardless of what you’re decorating, use stickers, magazine clippings, feathers, ribbon, rhinestones – the sky’s really the limit here! If you need a break during finals, this is a great project!DSC_1055
  6. Take lots of photos before Graduation Day! The best way to showcase your regalia at its finest is to take photos before your graduation day. This way, you will have a stress-free environment and likely a clear space on campus. Then all your photos on the day itself will be about the celebration with you, your family, and your friends. Try to take some photos around campus with your full regalia on. Try doubling up your tassels for these photos, or even swapping your college’s one for your NSCS one.
  7. Preserve your memories! Graduation is only one day, but your college memories should last a lifetime! Get creative. You can get a double diploma frame to hold your school’s degree, in addition to your NSCS Certificate of Membership. Want to be even more creative? Create a shadow box of memories. You can include your cords, cards from family members, your diploma and holder, or even your medallion. You can keep this box for yourself, or gift it to someone who really made an impact on your college experience.

Those are just a few tips! We want to hear what you have to say. What ideas do you have?