March 31st is Advisor Appreciation Day. At NSCS, our advisors play a HUGE role in everything from fostering relationships between NSCS and schools to providing support to members and chapter officers. We owe major thanks to our advisors and use this special day to show our appreciation.

Even if you aren’t a chapter officer working directly with an NSCS advisor, I’m sure you have a campus advisor or professor that’s made an impact on your life in some way. For me, it was my very first college professor. He wasn’t my “official” advisor, but he became a mentor and friend to me throughout my (extra long) college career. I learned so much from him and in fact, the reason I’m passionate about working with college students today is because he showed me what having an “advisor” could really do for a college student. (Shout out to Mr. Michael Johnson at Middle Tennessee State University!)

Anyway, enough about me.

Here are 5 tips to show your advisor how much you appreciate them:

    1. A thank-you note! So simple, yet SO powerful. I prefer handwritten. (Oh, and if you don’t have personalized stationary, I highly recommend getting some! Very classy. It’s cheap, you can design your own and you will use it like CRAZY. You can order it from a site like Vista Print or even find some SUPER cute designs at my favorite place for everything, Etsy.) For some tips on writing a thank-you note, read this article by Leslie Harpold.


    1. Treats! Everyone loves a delicious treat, yes? Try making some simple, no bake cookies that are dorm room friendly. If you want to do a little baking, I’m a huge fan (thanks to years of my mom baking tons of these for holiday presents) of both the banana bread and cranberry bread. You can buy a mix for either of them and add a personal touch by wrapping them with plastic wrap or foil and ribbon.


    1. A mug! Most everyone enjoys either a cup of coffee or hot tea in the mornings. Let your thank-you gift be a daily reminder of how awesome you think that person is. You can buy plain mugs just about anywhere, use a paint pen or acrylic paints to create a personal thank you message and voila!For more detailed instructions on decorating a ceramic mug, check out this eHow article.


    1. Gift cards! Whether it’s a $5 gift card to Starbucks or a local coffee shop or a $25 gift card to a great restaurant, your advisor will appreciate the gesture. Giving someone a gift card is a great way to show thanks without being overly personal or sappy.


  1. A book! One of my favorite ways to show someone I care is by giving them a book that has meant something to me. Hit up the used book store to find a good deal or check out for great prices. I always like to write a little note in the front of the book, as well, to make it even more personal. Hint: Make sure the book is appropriate. Twilight or The Encyclopedia of the Horse, while they may have meant something to you, are probably not the best choice.

Whatever you decide, any opportunity you take to thank your advisor for their hard work will definitely be appreciated.