Over the past few weeks while browsing the blogosphere I’ve come across some interesting (and hopefully helpful!) tech tips for college students. Take a gander…

Photo Courtesy of Montgomery Media

1. Get together with some classmates and use Google Notes for note taking! Shep McCallister at Hack College breaks it down for you and even offers some of his personal tips and tricks.

2. Do you have an Android? The .Edu Toolbox lists 40 awesome Android apps for college students including book readers, grammar guides, task managers and a resume and cover letter guide.

3. If you’re an iPhone person, Lost in Technology lists their top 5 apps for the iPhone 4 including iStudiez and an easy to use bill tracker.

4. Unigo shares some great tech tips for music lovers. Prepare to jam. (Oh, and if you ARE a music lover, check out this TalkNerdy2Me post about being a college radio DJ!)

5. So this one might not be TOTALLY college related, but it is definitely fun and saves you some time. Bloglovin’ is a site that puts all of the blogs you follow together in one place for easy reading. I just discovered it thanks to Ricardo at The Style Inquisitor and I’m totally hooked.

I hope some of these tips helped! Do you have any tech tips to share? If so, post them in the comments!