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Career 101 from GiftedHire: Take the extra minute

The following post comes courtesy of Nick Farina, CEO of GiftedHire, the career platform that helps you find your calling. Use GiftedHire to showcase your achievements, explore career paths and connect with leading employers. Post originally featured on Medium. A few minutes of extra work can separate you from other job applicants […]

NSCS Member Post! Summer is Coming…

School will be out for the summer soon, and we all know what that means—goodbye textbooks and study guides, hello tan lines and sleeping in late! If only. In today’s world, to stay competitive you’ve got to mix a little work in with your play. Here’s five ways to stay […]

Tips for Successful Networking

Network for Quality – At networking events, don’t feel the need to speak with everyone. Aim for 2-3 people and have quality conversation. Be sure to share your business card! Become the Host – It might not be your event, but a welcoming attitude goes a long way. Do your […]

Do It All – Get your dream internship and graduate on time

The pressure to start climbing the corporate ladder doesn’t wait until after graduation. Ambitious students like you are sacrificing their sleep, hobbies, social lives and sanity for valuable work experience. Balancing a full-time undergraduate course load with an awesome internship can seem impossible. However, Semester Online is here to help. It’s […]

How Important is Networking?

For me, the single most important thing I have received out of all my experiences in college is the connections I have built through organizations, jobs, causal mixers and volunteer work. Yes, it is always important to get good grades in college, and to participate in extra-curriculars, but, I believe, […]

A Meeting of the (Cable TV) Minds

Have you ever watched Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe pick through decades-worth of refuse in strangers’ rickety, old barns on American Pickers? Or perhaps you’ve seen the Ice Road Truckers nearly slide off a cliff, only to miraculously recover at the last possible moment. Tim Nolan, Senior Vice President of […]

Working the Net: Blogging @ Adobe Days

I’m a non-core user of Adobe products, aka the non-design or art focused users. For my illustrator friends, it comes easily to rattle on the benefits of Adobe and how they can help their work. I just like making cool videos and cleaning photos to heighten presentations for university or […]

Tips for 20-something Job Seekers

Today’s generation of young adults are especially challenged in getting their careers off the ground as they face high unemployment rates and a bleak job market. According to recent census data, employment among young adults ages 16-29 stood at 55.3 percent, down from 67.3 percent in 2000 and the lowest […]