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Scholar of the Week: Amani Abutaha

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Amani Abutaha! Amani is a junior at The University of Toledo, where she is a Human Resource Management major. Amani’s favorite NSCS experience was creating a Jared Box for the children in the hospital. “I had a great time picking out the toys […]

Scholar of the Week: Natasha Infante

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Natasha Infante! Natasha is an incoming senior at the University of South Florida, where she is a Biology major. Natasha’s favorite NSCS experience was being a mentor in the Spring 2017 Torch & Laurel Mentorship Program, which paired NSCS members with scholars in […]

Scholar of the Week: Dillon Mitchell

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Dillon Mitchell! Dillon is a recent graduate of Oklahoma State University, where he was a Finance major. Dillon’s favorite NSCS experience was serving as VP of Finance and President of his chapter. “In addition, I had the special opportunity to serve as a […]

Scholar of the Week: Jennifer Trabucco

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Jennifer Trabucco! Jennifer is a senior at Ramapo College of New Jersey, where she is a Biochemistry major. Jennifer’s favorite NSCS experience was being a part of the International Scholar Laureate Program’s delegation on medicine and science in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. “I […]

10 Reasons to Tune in to Virtual Leadership Summit

We’re less than a month away from Leadership Summit! Let’s break down the 10 reasons why you should set your reminders to attend on June 17 and 18. Note: Leadership Summit is required for all incoming officers and open to prospective officers. Learn to Lead: Being a chapter officer is […]

Scholar of the Week: Jacqueline Jones

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Jacqueline Jones! Jacqueline is a senior at Liberty University Online, where she is a Psychology major. Jacqueline’s favorite NSCS experience has been serving as Chapter President. “I enjoy building friendships with other fellow officers and members. Sharing events and stories has allowed me […]

Announcing Leadership Summit 2017!

This year, Leadership Summit is coming to you! Registration for our virtual Leadership Summit is officially open, and you might be wondering what all that is about… TalkNerdy2Me is here to explain. What is Leadership Summit? Leadership Summit is NSCS’ online leadership training and education program offered to NSCS officers. […]

Cheat Sheet for 5.19

55 Ways to Live Smarter A photo compilation of the internet’s actually useful lifehacks Changing Lives through Everyday Leadership Looking for some leadership inspiration for the upcoming year? Listen to Drew Dudley’s TED Talk on Everyday Leadership. The World of Objects Listen to Director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor, in his […]