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4 Tips for Online University Students

Online education gives you the freedom to earn your degree in the comfort of your home every day. With this freedom, it takes a significant amount of dedication to your studies to keep up. Here are four tips to help online university students stay on track. Keep in mind that […]

Cheat Sheet for 3.3

College… Summed up in 16 memes Who knew that memes from the internet could be so SPOT ON?!? Oh yeah… everyone. Facial time! (Guys can join in too) Every once in a while, it helps to have a good self-care day… starting with these facials! Not your average spring break […]

Why It’s Actually Cool (and Helpful) to Keep a Journal

There’s always been this certain stereotype that people who write in journals are dorks, but here’s why keeping a journal is actually a pretty cool thing. 1. It helps clear your mind. Whenever I have trouble studying or sleeping, it’s usually because my mind is busy visualizing random scenarios, old […]

Scholar of the Week: Jannice Newson

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Jannice Newson! Jannice is a junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she is a Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Science major. Jannice’s favorite NSCS experience was cleaning up a sinkhole for one of her chapter’s community service events. “It was nice to go […]

Cheat Sheet for 2.24

Spring already? The weather is starting to feel like spring, so why not partake in some spring fun? Addicted to online shopping? Well who isn’t! But here are some great deals to help you save a little money on your shopping binge. And the award goes to… Rihanna was just […]

A College Student’s Survival Guide

Face it: your life changes once you start college. You need to make time for classes, family, friends, your SO, dorm-keeping, and have personal time all without collapsing on the floor to cry yourself to sleep—well, to hibernate until the end of the semester, really. Fear not, here are some […]

Integrity Week Recap!

Thank you to every chapter and member who participated in this year’s Integrity Week! Your engagement was truly appreciated. Each day represented an aspect of integrity that we here at NSCS consider to be extremely pertinent to the well-being of our society. In addition to the aspects of integrity that […]

Scholar of the Week: Emily Gargulinski

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Emily Gargulinski! Emily is a senior at the University of Michigan, where she is a Climate and Space Engineering major. Emily’s favorite NSCS experience was when her group made dinner for their local Ronald McDonald House. “We had a grand time decorating and […]