My NSCS Journey featuring Daniela Espinosa

When Daniela Espinosa, now Chapter Operations Manager at NSCS, began her undergraduate studies at the University of Tampa, she was struggling to manage her coursework, hold down a job, find an internship and figure out her eventual career path. Not long after her undergrad years began, Daniela’s good friend and NSCS chapter officer, introduced her to the honor society and suggested she just attend a meeting to learn more.

That one meeting was all it took for Daniela to realize that being a member of NSCS was worth it and could make her collegiate experience so much more than ordinary. It wasn’t long before Daniela became an officer herself and realized how much she loved to participate in the organization. She took a particular interest in event planning and enjoyed serving as an ambassador of NSCS around campus.

During her tenure as VP of Public Relations and Recruitment, Daniela made it her mission to show other students the value they could get from NSCS. From scholarships to invaluable networking opportunities, special discounts and offers and of course, recognition on their resume – Daniela was living proof that NSCS can truly change the direction of your life. For Daniela that meant winning two scholarships, getting real world experience in public relations and eventually landing her first job out of college working at NSCS headquarters.

Now Daniela gets the opportunity to help NSCS chapters grow and thrive and plan a productive and eventful year. She finds a huge source of pride and fulfillment in being able to share her knowledge and expertise about running an NSCS chapter with students. She loves the opportunity she gets to travel around the country and meet new students who she hopes will go on to create their own success with the help of their NSCS membership. Looking back, deciding to attend that first NSCS chapter meeting turned out to be an endeavor that has truly been worth it.

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honors organization, boasting 320 plus chapter nationwide, that recognizes high-achieving first-and second-year students. With its three pillars of scholarship, leadership, and service, NSCS is proud to provide career and graduate school connections, leadership and service experiences, practical and skills-based content, access to discounts and savings, and over a million dollars in scholarships, chapter funds and awards annually. To learn more about joining the NSCS honors society, visit us at