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Create a Student Loan Repayment Strategy to be Thankful For

For some people, the season of giving thanks actually represents something that they aren’t all that thankful for – student debt.  November and December mark the end of many student loan grace periods, which means this is the time of year when recent grads have to start paying back student loans. […]

Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

After endless hours of filling out applications, perfecting your resume and sitting through interviews, getting a concrete job offer is a huge win. It’d be easy to accept the first offer you get and run with it, too. However, it’s extremely important to take a step back and make sure […]

Engaging Race Award Winner: Sarah’s Initiative

We’re so proud to offer such a wide variety of scholarships, especially those outside of the realm of academia. Here is a spotlight on Sarah Govender, an outstanding scholar from Marshall University who saw how a small change in her community can make a massive difference. Food. Clothing. Shelter. These […]

Inside ScholarCon!

Scholars, it may be freezing here in DC, but it’s ALWAYS sunny ScholarCon in Florida! We have our HQ Team of Carsen (our programs manager), Ciara (Our director of alumni) & Steve (our founder/CEO/fearless leader!) working HARD to make sure the Hilton Orlando is ready for us! Carsen, Ciara & […]

Is Chinese Philosophy right for you?

Can staying too on-course keep you from realizing a different dream? You find something you’re good at. You want to stick to it. But that might keep you from discovering something that you’re great at – and that you love. To learn more about how to balance practice and discovery, […]

Cabin Fever Reading

So we’re all aware, today is Tuesday-friendly reminder because if you’ve been privy to Jonas, the cabin fever may have set it (or is 100% there!). In the spirit of getting inspired to kick-butt (decidedly in sweats & from the couch) we offer your ‘Cabin Fever Inspiration Guide!’: ScholarCon is […]

Winter has COME! Food & Safety

Why hello there, snow storm Jonas! Since we here in DC thought winter had basically taken a vacation this year, here is your winter appreciate post. Above all, we want you to be safe out there. While we know this is like super bowl for our weather stations-be mindful of […]

How To Interview: Q&A from Absolute Internship

How To Interview: Q&A Session With Absolute Internship We get questions from students all the time on “how to interview.” What are the best techniques to land that internship or job? What should I say to make them like me? Better yet, what shouldn’t I say? The good news is, […]