So we’re all aware, today is Tuesday-friendly reminder because if you’ve been privy to Jonas, the cabin fever may have set it (or is 100% there!). In the spirit of getting inspired to kick-butt (decidedly in sweats & from the couch) we offer your ‘Cabin Fever Inspiration Guide!’:

ScholarCon is here (with a GREAT flight deal!)
What’s more exciting than having a trip on the books? The fact that’s it’s ScholarCon & you’re going to gain the tools to make your DREAM life happen! We’re thrilled with this year’s line-up & want to make it easy, breezy to get you to Orlando! Our partners at Student Universe have incredible flight discounts…register now, thank yourself 6 months from now.

Sarah SC Meme

F-O-C-U-S (when you really want to Netflix binge for hour 4)
There’s nothing more daunting than staring at a blinking cursor, with a full inbox & feeling like nothing. is. getting. done. Fear not! Take a deep breath & dive into this mildly distracting, maximally helpful read to get you working smart! (via Hitha on the Go)

NSCS: What’s Coming Up!
Mark your calendar, NSCS members! Here’s some great things go on right now & coming up:
-Go GEEK! Informing your school about what NSCS is all about
-Integrity Week! The 2nd week of February, we highlighting different facets at integrity (an NSCS pillar!)
-Celebrating graduating seniors with Senior Sendoff!

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Meet Lynda. Lynda is making us better!
Access to thousands of tutorials from 3D animation to Design to Business…Lynda allows you to hone & learn new skills right from the couch! (via Lynda)