If you’ve been having trouble seeing your professor’s screen presentations — even when sitting in the front row of the classroom — congratulations. You are about to make one of life’s most enjoyable journeys. The transition to geek-dom.

geek_eyewearThat’s right. You need glasses.

But you shouldn’t be ashamed of it, no, you should be excited! A new fashion accessory that will actually make you look as smart as you really are! But before you go to Geek Eyewear and start perusing, you’ll need to read up on what style of glasses is right for you. Take a moment to look into a nearby mirror (or just momentarily dim your computer screen to complete black) and take a note of the way your face is shaped.

Now it’s time to match.

Is your face square?

Glasses with soft, round, minimal, oval frames OR rimless horizontal frames will do you right.


Is your face round?

Slightly angular and rectangular frames (nothing too harshly angular) will fit perfectly.


Is your face sort of like an oval, or a diamond?

Anything works, just make sure your glasses’ frames are broader than the widest part of your face.


Is your face more like a triangle?

Round (and/or rimless) glasses will work best.


Now all you need to do is go to geekeyewear.com and find what works best for you! And oh, yeah…

We are going to give away a year’s supply of frames, (twelve pairs!), to the best comments on the blog, and the winner will be featured on Geek Eyewear’s website and social media accounts.

So comment! There’s nothing to lose!

And remember this. The next time anyone calls you 4 Eyes, look right back at them and smile…and feel sorry for their sad, 2-eyed, accessory-absent, non-geekish existence.

And Happy Geekification to all.

bennettBennett Nestok is quite the geek, studying Digital Design at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. His glorious transition into Geekdom occurred in his freshman year of college, when he earned his first pair of rimless glasses.