A very exciting time of the year for college students is coming up… spring break! Whether students are planning a trip to a warmer destination, planning to go home, or simply staying on campus, one thing can be agreed upon: it is a well needed one-week break from classes!

Here are 4 tips to have a fun and safe spring break:

1) If travelling with friends, stay with friends. Most spring break destinations are filled with college students looking for a good time, but enjoyment isn’t everyone’s intentions. If friends are surrounding you, the chances of finding yourself in a dangerous situation greatly decrease.

2)  Eat Healthy. A lot of energy is needed when having fun! Eating junk food decreases energy levels, which will be needed if you will be involved in various activities.

3)  Dare to be different and limit alcohol. If you choose to have a couple of drinks, remember that alcohol impairs judgment.  Alcohol can stimulate incoordination, confusion and can even negatively affect memory. The goal is to have fun and remember your experiences!

4) Pace yourself and make sure you have time to relax. Spring break is a great opportunity to have fun with many activities happening throughout the country. If you have been stressed throughout the semester, it is great to let loose, but remember that classes must be resumed after one week. It is a good idea to take it easy and rest for at least a day.

5) Save money. Many travel agencies are available; most are very convenient because they include great travel and hotel deals. Hertz is a company that offers car rental discounts. They give special benefits to members of organizations, like NSCS, and are great to use for a long road trip.

Yaraida Cisneros is a Biomedical Laboratory Science major with a pre-medical concentration at Michigan State University. She enjoys volunteering and is involved in many volunteer activities as an active member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars and as a weekly volunteer at Ingham Regional Medical Center. She enjoys shopping, writing, exercising, and traveling.