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A College Student’s Survival Guide

Face it: your life changes once you start college. You need to make time for classes, family, friends, your SO, dorm-keeping, and have personal time all without collapsing on the floor to cry yourself to sleep—well, to hibernate until the end of the semester, really. Fear not, here are some […]

Create a Student Loan Repayment Strategy to be Thankful For

For some people, the season of giving thanks actually represents something that they aren’t all that thankful for – student debt.  November and December mark the end of many student loan grace periods, which means this is the time of year when recent grads have to start paying back student loans. […]

5 Things I Learned During My First Year In College

My first year of college was probably the most rewarding first year of my schooling career. The first year in grade school felt like a day long play date. Everyone was friends. When entering middle school and high school I had the same people by my side. Sure, sometimes I […]

11 Most Efficient Online Tools to Help You Boost Your Writing

As we all know, writing can be quite an interesting job. However, the process of writing itself can often be somewhat torturous, mostly because a good writer is creative person struggling with thoughts and emotions. Finalizing your piece of writing is not the end of your task. When a writer […]

Branding Yourself Online

You don’t have to be a business to be a brand — in fact, branding doesn’t always have to do with the business world. The digital age we live in makes it nearly impossible for you to avoid having a personal brand based on what you share about yourself online. […]

5 Apps You Need in Your College Life

We live in an amazing time. It feels like every day brings new innovation in the world of technology that will influence and change our lives. That cannot be truer than when it comes to applications for your laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. No matter your major, the classes you’re taking, or […]

The Real Final: How to Cope with Post-Graduation Stress

It has now been almost exactly a month since I finished my Bachelor’s degree in writing. After four years of nearly constant stress, I was so excited to be done and to feel myself breathe freely. However, I have to admit: I’m a bit devastated by the stress that is […]

Increasing Your Odds of Career Success

Very few successful businesspeople, politicians, or leaders will be direct enough to say, “I am really good at meeting people and leveraging my very large network.” They worry that by revealing the deep network they frequently tap into, others will think they have unfair advantages. And they do. But you […]