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2015-2016 Star Status Results

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars has awarded the annual Star Status Awards to high-achieving chapters from around the country. The Star Status Program at NSCS is a reward system for chapters that are highly engaged. Every year, NSCS chapter officers develop programs and events to boost engagement on their campus.


Students Represent the Voice of Scholars

Big news! NSCS is proud to announce that it has appointed six members to the National Leadership Council (NLC). So, what does this mean and why should you care? The NLC is an advisory board made up of NSCS members that advises the NSCS national staff and board of directors. […]


Scholar of the Week: Melissa Nieves

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Melissa Nieves! Melissa is a junior at New Jersey Institute of Technology where she is studying Architecture. Melissa’s favorite NSCS experience has been participating in the NJIT PACE program. “As I spent some time with new and previous members, I gained a large […]


Cheat Sheet for 10.7

Friday Fidgets Why playing with your hair and tapping your toes may actually be beneficial to your health. Cover Letters 101 This cover letter formula may be the trick to writing the best cover letter for your dream job. #Scholarships #Scholarships #Scholarships  Studying abroad next semester and looking to cut the costs? […]


Community College: Real World Values

I had a friend in High School who told me shortly after I enrolled in NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) that I would end up wasting my potential, and then followed up with a ‘Have fun with working at McDonalds!’ joke. At the time, I took it to heart, probably […]


Scholar of the Week: Jacob Bruggeman

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Jacob Bruggeman! Jacob is a sophomore at Miami University where he is studying History and Political Science. Jacob was also recently elected Chapter President of the Miami University chapter of NSCS. Jacob’s favorite NSCS experience was attending his Induction Ceremony: “My induction ceremony […]


5 Ways to Live in the Moment

We all have the same goal in mind…SUCCESS!! We want to make money, we want to find love, we want to be able to afford that luxury vacation. We want it all. But sometimes these goals interfere with us living in the moment and enjoying life right now. Here are […]


Cheat Sheet for 9.30

Apps to help you Adult We get it. “Adulting” can be scary and overwhelming. These apps may make the transition to adulthood a little bit easier. TED to get you out the bed Why not get some motivating words with your breakfast in the morning? Check out some motivational and […]


What is PACE?

Over the next several months, you’ll be hearing about NSCS’ signature program, PACE, a lot.  Whether you’re a PACE expert or it’s your first time hosting a PACE activity, we thought it would be a good idea to review the ins and outs of this program for the new school […]


11 Most Efficient Online Tools to Help You Boost Your Writing

As we all know, writing can be quite an interesting job. However, the process of writing itself can often be somewhat torturous, mostly because a good writer is creative person struggling with thoughts and emotions. Finalizing your piece of writing is not the end of your task. When a writer […]