In the great wide world of college dating, your guy options are more numerous than ever. Choosing between the jocks, frat boys, hipsters, preps, etc. probably has your head spinning. But amidst the hodgepodge of hunks, be sure not to overlook the often ignored nerds. While they may not be smooth or strapping, nerds make fantastic boyfriends. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • They’re Compassionate: Dorky dudes spend their early years playing the butt of every joke. Since they know how it feels to be hurt, scared, lonely, embarrassed and sad, they’re typically more receptive to your emotions and understanding of your problems.
  • They’re Genuine: Nerds rarely put on a front: They’re usually not guzzling beer to fit in or bed hopping to impress their pals, but rather tend to be open, honest and loyal with the one girl lucky enough to win their favor.
  • They’re Tech Savvy: A geeky guy by your side is like having your own personal IT department to help when your computer crashes, phone’s stuck on “mute” or iPod will only play the bagpipe song you downloaded last St. Patty’s Day.
  • They’re Interesting: At some point, talking about “The Jersey Shore” or watching “The Hangover” for the fifth time gets old. Nerds love to learn and can tell you about everything from politics to Panama to podcasts. You’ll never be bored and you’ll always be out and about, exploring your hood and taking advantage of all it has to offer.
  • They’re Laid Back: No need to glam yourself up or spend cash on fancy dinners, nerds are usually homebodies who’d rather share some pizza on the couch than cough up $200 for bottle service at a stuffy club. You alone are enough to satisfy a geek.
  • They’re Successful: Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg. Need I say more?

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