It was about midway through the semester that I realized I was not wonder woman, in more ways than one.

To begin with, I was not blessed with such a crazy in shape body, but more than noticeably, I was not gifted with the super ability to handle all the extra curricular activities I had on my plate.

During my junior year, (which, heads up, is supposed to be the hardest year since you are entering upper division course), I unwisely took on both an internship and several clubs at once: Salsa Club, Vietnamese Student Association, and a Christian club, not to mention being highly involved in my church.

If this sounds like a lot, and you are starting to think I’m crazy… well you might be right. And here begins the cautionary tale, of an unintentional workaholic, and how you can avoid over-commitment in college, and learn how to say no.

1. Class Comes First

Sure, you know that right? But it hits the third week and you start questioning whether or not you really need to study for that quiz or not. Don’t give in! Set aside at least one solid study hour every week for each class, no matter what.

2. Visualize Your Time

Place your work schedule, club meetings, and class times all on one sheet of paper. What time is free? Do you have time to eat? What about time with friends? Sure, you have free times on Friday, but are you going to have time to do homework and still have a little bit of down time during the day? Even scholars like you need a little bit of rest!

3. Say No

I know, it’s hard. You are brimming with energy and potential, not to mention that you know you could do the job. However, are you going to be completing new tasks at the expense of other ones you have already committed to? Are your friends going to start wondering if you’ve been kidnapped because you only come out at night for midnight coffee and fast food?

I promise you, you won’t regret feeling accomplished doing a few things well, instead of scrambling with too much on your plate. You’ve got this handled!

wonderwomanKarrie is in her final year at California State University of Long Beach, completing a BA in English and a minor in Journalism. Upon graduation, she hopes to freelance write, coordinate social media, or market for some sort of magazine or website. In her free time she enjoys learning new languages, reading, economics, salsa dancing, and spending time with those she loves.