Quick decision! You’re being offered two jobs. One gives you a truckload of money. The other totally accommodates your travel bug. Which one do you pick?

Here’s what students said last year. Start thinking about these things yourself, and you’ll be in better shape when you’re talking to your campus career center. Students from certain schools are also being asked to take a career test from Universum. Check your inbox (You’ve received emails if you’re eligible.), and give it a whirl.

“I recently completed an internship for a nonprofit organization in which my work, while for a noble cause (raising money for social programs for the needy), was unchallenging, and did not provide a work/life balance. It took me a long time to adjust to spending my entire day in an office and commuting, leaving very little time for anything else besides breakfast, dinner, and preparing for the next day. So I agree with the need for a work/life balance more than dedication to a cause.”

“I look for a welcoming atmosphere that represents trust, integrity, and care.”

“When applying for a job, the first thing I will take note of is the employer’s reputation among the public. Are they well-known or relatively unheard of? Have there been any ethical concerns that have been raised there? If so, what is the nature and degree of severity of them? Those are only a few questions that I would start with. When working for an employer, their reputation becomes a part of one’s own reputation.”

“Newly hired workers must be respected and be given a sense of optimism for the future, regardless of the perks or benefits a company provides, or even the brand power of the company,  I believe in working hard for an organization whose products and services I genuinely and sincerely believe in; but the organization needs to hold up its end of the bargain in order for me to make the decision to work there in the long run.”

“The quality I, and many other artists, consider the most important in employers is the amount of artistic freedom they are willing to give me.”

“Job security is vital when selecting potential employers. No one can establish a stable income for their home by constantly looking for a job because of employers laying people off due to economic struggles.”

“Work-life balance is an important element employers must offer. One should not be expected to always work long hours at the expense of his/her family life. Employers must also provide adequate time off for workers, including personal days, vacation time and maternity leave. Some employers allow men to take maternity leave to help their wives, which is a right step in the right direction.”

“Is the company international? Being an International Business major, I look for a potential employer’s international aspect. The main goal of mine is to have a future employer who can allow me to travel and experience other cultures in order to help expand the company in a more dynamic way.”

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