Scholars, welcome back to campus! From new classes to exciting experiences, we know this fall is going to be a great one. We want to hear how your 1st days back are going…but 1st, just a few little links we think will help you get into the groove!

1.  Emailing a professor can be a little daunting, especially with one you may have never met. Whether a lecture of 300 or a smaller study group, professors will remember a scholar who has a well-thought email (& one who always remembers ‘spell check’!).

2. Spiffy up your space. Dorm? Off-campus? Creating a space that makes your life easier is, well, not easy (especially in a small space). We love the idea of having a study spot, a place to hang all those back-to-school clothes & more from Huffington Post.


3. This is your semester. It’s your time. Don’t be afraid to sit in the front row. Ask for help. Talk to someone next to you you’ve never met. Have a blast. Here is to a FANTASTIC Fall semester, scholars!