It might not seem like it when you’re sending out what seems like hundreds of resumes, but employers want to find you just as much as you want to find them.

Employers hate turnover. It’s incredibly expensive to replace employees over and over again. Human resources spends time recruiting for the same position. Productivity decreases as other people have to train and retrain someone new for the same role. For all of these reasons, employers care about whether employees are happy. It’s the most cost-efficient way to operate. The tricky part is that the benefits that made Baby Boomers happy don’t necessarily do the same for Millennials

The best way to find out how to attract the best students with workplace culture, benefits, and responsibilities is to ask the students themselves. That’s why NSCS members are asked to work with Universum to help companies find out how to design jobs where students want to work.

Universum has designated about 200 universities to take a career test this winter. If Universum is gathering data on your university, you will receive an email that contains a link to the career test. You’ll let Universum know what matters to you most in a career. This is vital information for companies, so you can be sure that they’ll consider what you report very carefully.

There’s a lot in the career test for you too. Along with helping to design the job that you’d most like to have after college, you’ll be able to find out your career personality. Universum will even suggest industries that they predict will be a good match for you.

After you complete the career test, be sure to enter your email address and apply for a $2,500 scholarship from Universum.

Help create the careers of the future with your answers!