The great writer and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated, “Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee.” He seemed to be calling out to teachers everywhere: the inspirers and fire igniters of future physicians, engineers and small business owners. Every rewarding role comes with some good, bad and awkward moments. Here are 11 signs of being an invested teacher:


1. When you graduate with a Masters in Teaching, everyone’s only advice is…


It’s a jungle out there and the natives, erm students, are often restless.


2. When grades are due at 9 a.m. the next morning…


Hey, you can always sleep on Saturday! Just not Sunday, that day is for lesson planning.


3. When I try something new and it all goes downhill…


Reflect and revise, reflect and revise, reflect and revise…


4. When my students see me out and about in the real world and they look at me like…


I have to go grocery shopping once in a while too!



5. When a student points something out I’ve never realized before…


Sometimes I wonder who the student is.


6. When there is a snow day I’m like 


I’m going to catch up on sleep for another 20 hours.


7. Being a teacher means getting sick once a month


I used to wonder what it was like to live in a petri dish. Now, I know.


8. When I remember that I get a mid-winter break and a spring break…


Time to plan lessons!


9. When my students have a light bulb moment..


I love these kids (*cries*).


10. When I’ve taught a lesson 1,000 times and a student looks at me like…


But…but…it’s May and I have been teaching this concept since September!


11. It’s all worth it when you remember that our kids are just a little bit smarter after being in your class


Remember, the future architects, Nobel laureates and educators are in your hands!


Indeed, teaching is an incredibly difficult but fulfilling occupation. No matter how many snarky comments you must bite your tongue through—remember all the times people say how lucky you are for getting a whole summer off?—or the countless hours you spend grading a bottomless pile of papers and creating awe-inspiring handouts, all good teachers know it’s about the kids. After all, teaching is truly an occupation where you can make a difference in children’s lives.



Stephanie Echeveste is the community manager for the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education’s online Master’s programs, which provides current and aspiring teachers the opportunity to earn a Masters of Education online or Masters in Teaching online. Find out more about USC Rossier Online by following us on Facebook and @USCteacher