Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Torin Grogan! Torin is a student at DePaul University where he majors health sciences, pre-medicine.

As a member of NSCS, Torin loves playing a major role in the eBoard hiring process and being a chapter officer. “My favorite NSCS experience thus far has been hiring eBoard members and facilitating all operations and functionality of this organization. We are still a relatively new chapter at DePaul University which is why we have been working hard to get this organization on the map by holding interviews, hiring fully staffed eBoard members, to holding meetings and collaborating with one another in the development of innovative ideas to better help our community,” said Torin.

“Being that I am the Co-President of our organization, this experience has allowed me to showcase my leadership skills by giving me sense of self-fulfillment and allowing me to continuously grow on this path we call life. Being a leader, a President, their leader and their President, has brought much joy, happiness and growth to my life that I will forever cherish.”

Honoring the pillars of scholarship and leadership, Torin dedicates his time to changing his life around by achieving success through education.

“I have not always been on the path to success, which I currently am so immensely striving for. Growing up, I was the child your parents told you to stay away from and was getting in all kinds of trouble. I come from an underprivileged family which consisted of a single mother with three kids. Education and success was never emphasized in my household and never deemed as an option for myself,” said Torin. “I came from the bottom of the totem pole to, what I believe is soon to be, the top. The person I have grown to become was only accomplished through not receiving any special privileges or safe guards to rely on. By conquering obesity earlier in life, I established an outstanding work ethic which now has led to my success, determination and resilience to become the physician I have set out to be.”

For upholding the pillars of scholarship and leadership, Torin is our Scholar of the Week!

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