It’s the last day to apply for the Academy Abroad program in Australia, and we couldn’t resist sharing one more post!

  1. Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier ReefCoral
  2. Climb an iconic bridge
  3. Go skydiving!Skydive
  4. Get up-close to the local wildlife in AustraliaRhino
  5. Visit the museums
  6. Visit the Sydney AquariumShark
  7. Explore the Opera HouseSydney
  8. Get out of Sydney and visit the Blue Mountains or Hunter ValleyTram
  9. Visit Bondi BeachBondi
  10. Rent an 4WD and explore Fraser islandFourwheeling

Denae Howard is a senior at Howard University, majoring chemistry and minoring in allied science minor. She is working as a Member Relations Intern for NSCS in Washington, DC.