Many college students ask the question, “What part-time job should I get while attending school?” Whether students want the financial assistance, work experience in the ‘real world’, or just some extra spending money, there are some positions better suited to students than others. A good part-time college job offers flexible hours, low stress, and trust. Additionally, a part-time job that is relevant to your future career and pays well is favorable. Below are seven top part-time jobs for college students that do not require a lot of experience.

1. Campus Tour Guide

If you have an outgoing personality, are familiar with your campus and enjoy meeting and talking to people, then a campus tour guide may be a great job for you. You could learn public speaking and critical thinking skills, which help in many other careers, as you speak in front of a group of people and answer their questions while working close to campus.

2. Driver

With your own set of wheels, you could drive people, deliver take-out restaurant orders, or other delivery items with a courier service. The hours can be flexible, and the pay is good. However, some things to keep in mind is that some companies may have age restrictions, the use of your own vehicle will increase maintenance costs and areas with heavy traffic can be stressful.

3. Tutor

If you exceed in a certain subject such as math or science, then tutoring a fellow student may be a position for you. As a tutor you can meet new people, increase your knowledge base and even gain experience as a teacher. You could choose to work with your college’s tutoring program (if available) or on your own with the help of flyers to find clients around campus.

4. Restaurant Server

Around many colleges, there are several restaurants always in need of servers due to a high turnover rate in employment. If you have an outgoing personality and can handle this physically demanding position with flexible hours (mostly in the evening), excellent tips and insight into the food-service industry, then this job may be for you. There is very little knowledge required for servers although restaurants may want you to know their menus to better serve customers.

5. Bartender

The job of serving alcoholic and mixed drinks is needed at bars for most late evening shifts. You can meet new people and the position pays well. However, many states have a restriction of 21 years of age to sell alcohol and some require you to have skills in preparing cocktails.

6. House/Office Cleaner

Although this job may not be all that great, the pay can vary between $20-$30 per hour. Finding a house cleaning job can be quite easy since many of these companies are scattered throughout cities and towns. You can also work alone, but you would have to find your own clients and you would be working with various chemicals.

7. Retail Salesperson

Similar to restaurants, retail stores experience high turnover rates and are constantly looking for new employees. Around the holidays, retail positions tend to increase significantly due to an influx in shopping. Working retail can teach you people skills while also being close to campus, and in some cases, you get great discounts on store items as an employee.


There are many opportunities for freelancers such as writing, blogging, vlogging, proofreading, translation services, and much more that can be found online through sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Elance and Project4Hire. If you have a particular skill, you can always find a way to use it as a freelancer. Although, if you are your own boss, you will need to ensure that you are putting in the hours to work.

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