Here’s the Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up for the TFF 2014 Challenge!

Join the movement. Change the world.
We’re building an army of brilliant changemakers focused on creating real solutions to the massive question: how are we going to feed 9+ billion people by 2050? University students from every corner of the globe will explore the complex challenges of food security and then generate and prototype new projects that make a difference.

There are lots exciting perks of joining the TFF Challenge, but for starters, here are the top 5 reasons why you need to sign up right now.

1. Prizes and travel
Start brushing up on your Portuguese because 10 finalist teams will win a trip to Lisbon, Portugal to take part in our Startup Bootcamp. They’ll attend our Global Summit and pitch their ideas for a shot at the $10,000 Grand Prize.









2. Resume building skills
Don’t be like this guy.













This year, all participating teams have access to a custom “Design Lab” built by experts in design thinking methodology. Every single participant who completes Round 1 of the TFF Challenge will earn a Design Thinking badge, which they can use on their resume, LinkedIn profile, etc to showcase mastery of this important skill set.

3. Recognition
The good kind. Let’s face it, the world needs less of this.









And more of this.












4. Global networking
Our incredible community includes students and young professionals from all walks of life. You’ll make new friends and forge authentic, lifelong connections.









5. FUN
This will happen.

And this.

Compete to win $10,000 for your big idea, work with all-star mentors, meet new friends, CHANGE THE WORLD… and have a whole lotta fun! 

Sign ups open at!