GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!! Okay, whether you follow soccer (futbol!) or are saying ‘World Cup, what?’-can’t deny it’s a very cool moment in sports. While we maybe don’t agree on all points, 7 Things to know about the World Cup is a nice jump into all things World Cup.And here’s the full-schedule from FIFA.


Our S2 Challenge this week is focused on Innovation this week & we seem to be in great company. Amazon released a new smartphone (gasp!), the Amazon Fire. We discovered this river-filtration floating pool (Yes. Yes,please). These guys decided finance degrees were better spent bringing gardens into classrooms. Incredible world we’re living in, scholars.


And we know for a lot of you, we’re in the first few weeks of summer. Words of advice: get outside, read a book, wear sunscreen (Baz Lurhrmann voice) & let us know how you’re doing! We love this piece from NPR, relating reading (& most everything else) to the journey.