Happy, happy fall scholars! NSCS HQ is based (& was created) in Washington, DC & we are 100% enjoying the cooler weather. But beyond climate control, fall seems to be the time when the school year gets into the swing of things…and while we know you’re getting busy, NSCS has some exciting fall activities for you:

1. Induction



Meet your chapter. Embrace & learn about all the wonderful benefits of joining NSCS. And for attending & being honored for your accomplishments? You are eligible for a scholarship! What could be better…make sure you check out our website to know when your induction is scholars.

2.Look Good, For Good




Lindsey, from NSCS University of Delaware, is doing incredible things.  Help us Lindsey win a donation to the cause of her choice, and accompany Kenneth Cole to volunteer in Haiti.  Voting ends on September 30th!