Most Americans face work-related stress in their daily life, and another fact is that most of them are not able to identify the source of their discomfort. If stress affects you for a long period of time, it can lead to health conditions in addition to issues such as lack of focus and concentration. Studies reveal that most of the workers in big organizations need special training for stress management. The best idea is to follow some exercises that can help reduce anxiety levels while refocusing your mind on positive things. Here are several tips you can integrate into your workday.

Peel Fruits and Vegetables
This may seem awkward at first, but when you concentrate completely on the peeling motion, your fingertips will feel a unique sensation, and the energetic aroma of the fruit will automatically brighten your senses. In order to make this task more entertaining, try peeling an orange or apple in a single unbroken coil. This is a stimulating activity for the mind and you can focus less on the stresses related to your job.

Enjoy a Banana
Bananas can act as a vital food item in the hours of stress. Experts recommend that you consume a banana during work hours as its rich potassium content helps to regulate blood pressure in the body. As a result, it can provide fast recovery from stress and anxiety while improving your overall energy levels.

Turn on the Classical Music
You might be aware of the fact that classical music is often prescribed for relaxation; it can reduce stress and anxiety by improving positive energy in your brain. When you feel too stressed at the desk, you can put some classical music on. There are many radio stations and Youtube channels you can access that exclusively plays classical music.

Draw a Picture
If you are feeling stressed, take a pen and paper and start drawing without lifting your pen at least for 60 seconds. This may sound unusual, but drawing a messy image on paper will help you flush out the frustrating stuff in your mind. Although you may not find anything good in that messy picture, it can help you distance yourself from the complicated thoughts associated with stress.

Play with a Paper Ball
A paper ball can be an effective method of stress reduction. To start, get some waste papers and roll them to form a ball. You can play a game of basketball with yourself by using the trash bin as the hoop. To avoid wasting paper, you can use the same paper ball as you play. This activity can gradually boost your morale and lessen the effects of stress. This will in turn, help you feel more relaxed and motivated for your work day.

The effects of work stress can be inhibiting for many professionals. If it is not addressed, it can lead to lower morale, motivation, health, and confidence. Simple exercises such as drawing pictures, listening to classical music, and eating fruit can contribute significantly to improving your work morale. Consider adopting these techniques into your daily work life to not only reduce stress, but improve your overall well-being.