• There are many options to cut cost while in college. If you feel  like you are drowning in debt, you may have to consider community college, financial aid, and scholarships. CheapScholar give you many options if you are “Looking to Cut College Costs“.
  • Above, I said that having a budget is essential to securing a financial future. But how do you make a budget? Surviving College gives you “4 Awesome (And Free!) Budget Apps” that will teach you step-by-step how to create and maintain a healthy budget.
  • 30% Discount off your Purchase! (After you sign-up for “so-and-so credit card) Don’t forget to read the fine print. It is so easy to get lured and trapped by credit card companies but luckily College News teaches you “How to Handle Credit Cards“.
  •  There are some valuable things we as college students can do to prepare to have a financially stable future. Take a look at Quick Sprout‘s “How The Rich Are Getting Richer” and try to use some of their tips in your life.

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