• March Madness is all about friendly competition with your closest friends giving you time to discuss what team is going to win. College Cures’ We Love College Basketballgives you the inside scoop on this upcoming sports season.





  •  I’ve been drinking about two cups of coffee a day, three times a week. Okay, maybe four times a week. The point is, there are other ways we as students canKick-Start Our Work Dayin order to get everything we need done in the 24 hours that we have.

Kiah's PicKiah Alexandria Clingman is a member of the National Society for Collegiate Scholars and currently works as an NSCS Communications Intern. She is a journalism student at Howard University School of Communications. She currently serves as student vice-president of the School of Communications and aspires to combine her writing and speaking abilities in preparation for a career in entertainment media relations. To contact Kiah, visit her website at or email her at