Check out these 5 links from some of our favorite blogs:

As Student Renter says in their new blog post; “it’s never too early to look for a post-college job.” Check out the list they have put together to help YOU find your next dream job: Job Search Websites You May Want to Use.

Spring Break is around the counter, and I know some of you are eagerly counting down the days. College Cures is here to provide Tips for Staying Safe While on Spring Break!

This midterm season, coffee has become my daily necessity. I recently found College Big Girl Small Kitchen’s delicious recipe to spice up my coffee routine. Check out the Study Break Snack: Spiced Coffee.

If you were too busy writing a paper, or studying for a midterm, and didn’t have time to watch the Oscars, College Magazine is here to save the day. Check out their Silent Films and Animated Chameleons: Oscar Rundown

Ever thought about quitting Facebook? Well Jessica Taylor, blogger for Daily Muse, recently tried a Facebook cleanse. Read her reactions and thoughts on the experience in her blog; What I Learned When I Quit Facebook.

Courtnay Oddman is a senior at The George Washington University, majoring in Communications, with a double minor in Statistics and Health and Wellness. She has been a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars since 2008. Courtnay is currently the Social Media Intern at the NSCS national office and is a regular contributor to the NSCS Twitter account. She enjoys attending GWU basketball games and being a mentor to students on campus. Courtnay is currently applying to graduate schools in the field of Higher Education and aspires to one day be a student affairs professional.