• Did you hear about McDonald’s hacking Burger King’s twitter account? Now, Donald Trump’s Twitter account was hacked with quotes from Lil Wayne. Learn more about these social media pranks that are occurring more often on Mashable.
  • Congratulations on your many acceptances to colleges and universities around the country! It may be difficult though when your friends, who are just as qualified, are not receiving the same acceptances as you. Read Maimuna Abdi Yussuf’s story, “A Scholarship for Me, but What About My Friends?” on The Choice.
  • Do you constantly receive those annoying trackback comments on your blog or website? Follow these “7 Rules” from Quick Sprout to make sure Google does not start penalizing you for this junk content.
  • Are you working hard to start your own business? Take a look at the “30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs” on Under30CEO. Keep working hard and maybe you will be on this list one day showing your success story!
  • Looking for something new, healthy, and tasty to eat? Big Girls Small Kitchen College shows you this Grilled Watermelon Salad that only requires 5 ingredients!

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