Check out these 5 links from some of our favorite blogs:

• Many of my friends are beginning to search for their summer apartment, which can be a very stressful process, but Student Renter has some tips that may help you out! Look at A Renter’s Checklist – 5 Things to Know Before Signing the Lease

• Deryck Wong, of HackCollege, is on a roll this week- he not only figured out a way to Get another 5GB of Free DropBox Space, but he also answered the question on every college student’s mind: How to Buy from Costco Without a Membership. Check out these links so that you are in the know!

• Hey Ladies, if you are looking for motivation, look no further- The Daily Muse, put together a series of quotes by inspiring women, in their blog post titled Lessons to My Younger Self.

• Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of this Hallmark holiday, but I do enjoy eating chocolate frosted cupcakes or cooking a fancy dinner for my closest friends. No matter what your relationship status may be, Big Girls Small Kitchen is here to help! Check out their list of What to Eat on Valentine’s Day 2012.

• I enjoy learning in the classroom, but I am also a strong believer that “internships are the most informative classes you’ll ever take.” College Magazine agrees- be sure to check out their blog post titled Learning and Interning in Real Time.

Courtnay Oddman is a senior at The George Washington University, majoring in Communications, with a double minor in Statistics and Health and Wellness. She has been a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars since 2008. Courtnay is currently the Social Media Intern at the NSCS national office and is a regular contributor to the NSCS Twitter account. She enjoys attending GWU basketball games and being a mentor to students on campus. Courtnay is currently applying to graduate schools in the field of Higher Education and aspires to one day be a student affairs professional.