This morning I received a package from my loving Mom, with a note inside that read “Good Luck on Finals; you can do it, and call me if you need anything. Love, Mom.” After staying up late to finish a paper along with Graduate School applications, such words of encouragement from home was just what I needed to get me through finals week. My Mom has made it a tradition to send me a Finals Care-Package at the end of every semester. A medium sized box filled with food, pictures from home, and Starbucks gift-cards.

Recently, College Parents of America answered the question “It’s Final Exam Time: What’s a College Parent to Do?by giving advice on helping their son or daughter through such a stressful time. As they stated you can help your student succeed by “providing understanding, encouragement, and bit of support from home, and then standing back and letting her do what she needs to do.” For first time College Parents, or to students with enough guts to ask their parents for a care package, I have put together a list of items of what I believe is necessary for the Perfect Finals Care Package!

  • Study Snacks– Trail mix, chocolate, or shippable food items your student may miss from home
  • Caffeine– Red Bull, Tea, Instant-Coffee, or in the form of Starbucks Gift Cards!
  • A Note from Mom or Dad– an encouraging Hallmark that your student can put on his/her desk
  • Random items that we may be running out of– for me it’s highlighters and Shampoo, for others it may be Tide-to-Go pens or post-it notes.
  • A few bucks for that post-finals meal!

Good luck on finals, and thanks Mom for putting a smile on my face!


Courtnay Oddman is a senior at The George Washington University, majoring in Communications, with a double minor in Statistics and Health and Wellness. She has been a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars since 2008. Courtnay is currently the Social Media Intern at the NSCS national office and is a regular contributor to the NSCS Twitter account. She enjoys attending GWU basketball games and being a mentor to students on campus. Courtnay is currently applying to graduate schools in the field of Higher Education and aspires to one day be a student affairs professional.