Tis the Season to scare the crap out of your friends and roommates and laugh about it later. Or is it? If you watch the 1998 film of “Urban Legends” you will discover there is nothing funny about these tales of fear and death. I’ll admit that I laugh at most horror movies but this one… there’s just nothing I can laugh about. Are you ready to jump out of your seat? Here are the most popular of the Urban Legends that will make your head spin (not like that girl in the exorcist).

10.    Bloody Mary: she’s one that everyone has heard of. Just don’t say her name 13 times in front of a mirror. You may not live and if you do, you might wish you hadn’t.

9.    Halloween Stunt Goes Wrong: A teenager wants to provide the ultimate ending for a Halloween show he’s in. A hanging that was supposed to be pretend turned out to be real.

8.    Humans Can Lick Too: A girl is home alone with her dog when she constantly hears this dripping sound. Eventually she finds the source and her dog with its throat cut and a message reading “Humans Can Lick Too!!!”

7.    What’s Under The Mattress: A couple checks into a hotel having to put up with an odor in their room all night. When they remove the mattress, they discover the rotting body of a dead girl stuffed into the box spring.

6.    Buried Alive: Right when you thought it was time for eternal peace, you hear voices coming from a grave and a bell ringing in the distance.

5.    The Boyfriend’s Death: A girl waits for her boyfriend. An eternity later, she hears scrapping across the roof of the car, gets out and sees her boyfriend hanging from a rope with his feet scraping the roof.

4.    The Clown Statue: A babysitter calls the parents of the kids she’s watching to ask to cover up the clown statue in the corner only to hear, “What clown statue?”

3.    The Fatal Hairdo: A girl washes her hair in sugar water to harden it into her preferred hairstyle. When she didn’t come downstairs for breakfast the next morning, her mother went up only to find that into her wrapped hair were rats, eating away at her head.

2.    Kidney Thieves: You leave for a quick run to the store, black out and wake up hours later in pain, surrounded in a tub of bloody ice and a note that tells you to go to the hospital if you want to live.

1.    The Backseat Killer: You’re driving along minding your own business. A car comes up behind you flashing their lights and tailgating you. They follow you the whole way home only to tell you that there was a person in the backseat of your car with a knife raised.

What’s your favorite Urban Legend? Leave a comment below!

Crystal Mata graduated in 2009 from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Professional Music. After returning home to Houston, she enrolled at HCC to study Music Business. Currently in her third year at HCC, Crystal has participated in both musicals and plays at the Central Campus. Outside of schoo,l she enjoys teaching, performing and writing music. She has been blogging for 3 years and has written about everything from breaking news to the latest stats on movie goers. She thanks Talk2MeNerdy for giving her another opportunity to contribute to a blog of excellent standing.