I’m all for sleeping in on those chilly Sunday mornings when you’re buried beneath your covers and don’t care to ever come out and start your English essay or study for your Math midterm. Sleep until noon, go for it… just as long as you eventually get up and write the paper.

With spring break approaching, the desperation in my peers’ eyes to sleep and nothing but sleep is overwhelming. It’s what we complain over, be it through texts or those whispered conversations while half of the class is yawning and the professor is passing out the exam. In just a few days, most of us will have a solid week or so to ourselves, without tests or reading or presentations. And while the thought of it is drool-worthy, it’s important to understand the hazards of hitting the snooze button.

Think about this question as you’re traveling home – or just daydreaming in between studying – what do you want to do this break? If you’re goal is to see friends and family and do lots of things, then try to limit your snoozing-in-late to one day to achieve your goals. If all you want to do is sleep and be anti-social, well, then by all means, sleep my friend, sleep.

I think, above all else, spring break is a time to recharge. And even though sleeping is a part of that, I think the social/family recharging, the exercise recharging, and the eating good/real/non-cafeteria food is crucial. So before the break even begins, outline some goals – and for you keeners, this does not mean to write it all down and schedule it in this moment – just means to remember the hazards of hitting the snooze button.

Jennie David is a 20 year old junior at Boston University majoring in Psychology and minoring in English. She is a member of NSCS and Psi Chi and is a dual citizen of both Canada and the US. She has Crohn’s Disease and is the chair of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada’s Youth Advisory Council. Her career goal is to be a pediatric psychologist for chronically ill children. Visit her blog about the upcoming Peru trip here.