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In this fast paced and tech-savvy era, email is an easy and common method of communication. However, we cannot forget the social rules that accompany this style of conversation in the professional world. Here are some do’s and don’ts for your emailing etiquette.  

Do have a clear subject line. 

The clearer the subject of your email, the more likely it will be read. People have several emails to go through each day, so be sure to be specific and articulate.  

Don’t forget your signature. 

Every email should include a closing signature to tell your recipient who you are and how to contact you. Include contact details such as your email, address, and phone number. You can set up an automatic signature to appear at the end of each email.  

Do use a professional salutation. 

Using “Hey,” “Yo” and “Hiya” is not professional. You can use “Hi,” “Hello” and even “Dear” to be more formal. Be sure to include the recipient’s name, but do not shorten their name unless given permission to do so. 

Don’t use humor. 

Humor does not translate well over email. It could be misinterpreted or conveyed as sarcasm without the accompanying tone and facial expressions.  If in doubt, leave humor out of business communication. 

Do proofread your message. 

Always check your spelling, grammar, and message before sending an email. You could be judged as careless, sloppy, or even uneducated for spelling and grammatical errors in your message.  

Don’t assume the recipient knows what you are talking about.  

Create your email as a stand-alone note, even when replying to a chain of emails. Your recipient may receive several emails each day and will not always be able to remember the previous conversations leading up to your email. Therefore, be sure to include any references from previous emails and conversations.  

Do reply to all emails. 

Give a timely and polite response to each genuine email addressed to you. Even if you do not have an answer to the message, you should inform the recipient that you have received their email.  

Don’t shoot from the lip. 

Never send an angry email. If you are angry, save the email as a draft for review when you are calmer. This will give you time to thoughtfully consider and formulate an appropriate response.  

Do keep private material confidential. 

If you have to share highly personal or confidential information, be sure to do so in person or over the phone in a secure setting. Always ask for permission before including sensitive material in your email or as an attachment.  

Don’t! Overuse exclamation points. 

Exclamation points, emoticons, all CAPTIALS, and abbreviations such as LOL do not translate well in professional communications. Additionally, do not use a string of exclamation points!!!! 

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