Piggy Bank with college formulaI often get asked “what are my chances of getting an NSCS scholarship” My response is always really good and even better if you apply!  Applying for the scholarship is the first step!  Last year, only one quarter of our members took advantage of the exclusive scholarship opportunities open to them as a member.  If you are a member and have maintained a 3.4 GPA you are eligible for the nearly half a million dollars in scholarships we offer each year.   Our scholarships open throughout the year and there are opportunities as you move through your college career and beyond. 

The Merit Award is open to new members and attending your Induction Ceremony makes you eligible to apply for the Induction Recognition Award.  As you become more involved in your chapter, there are opportunities that highlight your commitment to service like the Engaging Race Scholarship.  If you are an adventurer, we offer study abroad scholarships for fall, spring and summer each year.  Additionally, we work with partners to provide the Semester at Sea Scholarship and the ISLP Scholarship too.  Scholarships do not end when you graduate-we offer graduate school scholarships like the Geico Graduate Award and professional development awards to help advance your academic career! 

Today, it is estimated that two-thirds of graduates are leaving school with debt.  Start working to alleviate your debt now with the help of financial resources like NSCS scholarships. Remember to log in to view our open scholarships and check often for new updates!  www.nscs.org/scholarships .

photoJen Castillo is the Manager of Recognition Programs at the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.  Jen has been with NSCS for nearly two years and  works to provide new and exciting scholarship opportunities for NSCS members!  To contact Jen about scholarships, email Castillo@nscs.org.