DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-dundun-dundun…that’s us sing/typing the SUPERBOWL Battle Cry! This weekend is the the big 5-0 (not in Roman numeral) showdown. And whether your team is in (congrats!), you’re hosting a party or you could care less, we’re bring you a SB appreciation post:

All the Foods! 
Handy tips from Living Lou on great dips, seating & an alternative to wings (via The College Prepster)

Your Team, represented by something edible
For the super-fans. We love Spoon University. And we love 32 of anything delish that possibly reps our team! (via Spoon University)

Branch Out! 
Try a little something new on your buddies OR to give yourself a new hobby if football isn’t your thing. (via USA Today)

Vegan Super Bowl!
Yes, YOU are now the ultimate host for considering everyone’s dietary habits! (via USA Today)

Know your stuff!
Thanks, TIME! (via TIME)

And most importantly: PUPPY BOWL