This week’s Study Break is dedicated to easing your way, because winter has been long, midterms have arrived, and even though Spring Break is coming, it just isn’t coming fast enough.

~  If you read some of these 21 Secrets for your 20s and say “well duh, I already knew that,” that means about a million other 20-somethings have said just that and still done exactly the opposite thing. Consider it a small kick-in-the-pants reminder 😉  via All Groan Up

Love Beck? Love getting Beck’s new music for free? If you’re flying in the next month or so, you can do just that. Read more about the cool drop, via Mashable

~  Check in to College Candy for this hilarious weekly survival guide for your 20’s. It’s almost guaranteed to perk you up, even on the day you accidentally hit “reply all” at work…

~  9 amazing life hacks for better organization. Some of these are genius, guys. via Hack College

And finally, some do-good inspiration to get you motivated to give back: check out Penn State’s amazing fundraising efforts with their event THON, to help combat pediatric cancer. You go, Penn State. via USA Today College