No, that’s not a Taylor Swift reference. This week’s stories all somehow relate to the passionate color that can’t help but get your heart pumping

~  Red is the color of love. And what do we all love? Cake. Honestly, who can ever be mad at a piece of cake? According to Huff Post Taste, the Brad Pitt of cakes comes from a little bakery in Pittsburgh. Read all about this gorgeous little thing here and then take note of the 19 cake recipes at the bottom of the article. Careful now, you’re drooling.

~  So you know that Heartbleed is a bad thing. Like, really bad. But if you’re still a bit lost as to exactly what it is and why it’s wreaking so much havoc, get the skinny here. via Mashable

~  What color was the blood moon earlier this week? You got it: red! In case you missed it (or had ridiculous storms that blocked your view), here are the best 30 Instagram photos of the awesome phenomenon. via Elite Daily

~  Nothing gets college kids seeing red quite like finals. Hek, even our eyes turn red from lack of sleep, not to mention forgetting to blink as we stare at our notes hoping that this time around we’ll actually remember what they say. As the end of the semester approaches, brush up on library-during-finals-week survival tips. via Surviving College

~  We’re so happy to have found this article: these people each sent in a few words about the best teacher they’d ever had, and how these remarkable individuals helped open their eyes and shape their futures. Mashable, you’ve melted our hearts with this one