You’ve probably all groaned by now, but this isn’t your grandma’s list of “why you’re oh so special, sweetums.” It’s more of a less aggressive, list-version of Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, telling you how to get your act together and be HAPPIER with your life!

~  Startin’ off strong: 8 ways to get what you want. For real. Go get it. Go on! via Elite Daily

~  Ever been told: “You’re too cautious!” “Just do it, don’t think so much!”?   ENOUGH. Here’s why NOT being a risk-taker is just fine. More than fine. It can be great.  via The Daily Muse

~   Sometimes the best advice is the simplest. Here are 7 guideposts for being happier in your 20s, all four words or less. via College Gloss

~  For those who prefer the more verbose end of the spectrum, these Huffington Post editors give you some awesome advice they would give their college selves.

~  Money won’t buy you happiness, but a little extra sure doesn’t hurt! As a college student you can now get a Spotify Premium Subscription for half the cost! via Mashable