This week’s articles are a little of everything – some advice for your future, a blast from the past, and a little appreciation for the present with another way college rocks.

~  Considering a Masters degree? How about two??  Here’s 4 circumstances when two Masters degrees might be the right path for you.  Via USA TODAY College

~  College is a magical time where napping, dirty dancing, and not even owning a pot or pan much less using them to cook is totally socially acceptable. Read College Magazine‘s full list of things you can’t do in the real world but can in college for a reminder about just how awesome college can be.

~  Twitter turned 8 yesterday! Hard to believe the now social media monster was once just an idea floating around in someone’s head (maybe just like the one you’ve been thinking up recently!?).  Check out a few celeb’s first tweets ever here and see just how far the social network has come.  via College Candy

~  We all know by this point that employers sometimes check up on your Facebook (if you didn’t know that, well, welcome to reality). Luckily, this doesn’t mean you have to delete the whole thing! Here are some helpful tips for managing your Facebook to look awesome to employers and friends alike. via Hack College

~  Textbooks. Are. Expensive. Looks like the company SlugBook may have a solution that as a student you’ll love. via USA TODAY College