Here’s your weekly sampling of snippets to help you rule the world and avoid an “ick”-inducing jelly bean experience.

~  We all know that Reddit co-founder (and NSCS member!) Alexis Ohanian is a boss, so when we heard of his list of 10 ways our generation can dream big, our curiosities were definitely piqued. Via Elite Daily 

~  Millennials are tech-savvy, ambitious, and independent. Our communication skills however, particularly across generations, could use a little tune-up. Take note of these 7 communication tips from one of the world’s leading experts in managing Millennials. Via

~  Ah, childhood…the days of eatin’ dirt, having play dates, and looking forward to the new Snapple fact under that fun little cap. Here are 15 of the most fascinating Snapple facts found by College Candy. Cue nostalgia.

~  This quick and dirty blog entry is guaranteed to give you a boost of confidence in your ability to just go for it and kick some serious butt. Via College Info Geek 

~  10 weirdly delicious jelly bean combos. Because nothing tastes quite as bad as combining buttered popcorn with licorice. Blech. via Mashable